Fishing Update from Our Lake Biologist

fishing 2The lake is fishing at its full potential and it is not uncommon to land more than a dozen fish in the 20″-28″ range in an afternoon on the water.  The fish are feeding aggressively on both large dry patterns (grasshoppers, stimulators, and foam terrestrials), as well as scud, large chironomid pupa, and beadhead rainbow warriors dropped off the back. We encourage you to get out and enjoy this prime fishing with your families and friends!

In order to preserve both this fishery and the growth of our trophy trout, we would like to remind you to take time to work the fish back into the water before releasing them. Warmer water temperatures coupled with an epic battle on the end of your line exhausts these fish. Please make sure to wet your hands before handling the fish and take time to hold them by the tail, working them back and forth in the water, until they take off under their own power. Depending on how tired the fish is, this process can take a couple minutes. I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we would like to be catching these fish again next year when they start to top 30″!

I look forward to seeing you on the water!

Your Resident Biologist and Fish Nerd:
Peter Stitcher

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