A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE... Private Lake Fishing Hunting & Shooting Private Events "The mountains are calling and I must go." -- John Muir Reel Solitude

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We are your ultimate still water destination. An hour and a half from the bustle of Denver awaits a 40 acre private, uncrowded lake stocked with the highest quality trout. Find out more about fun for the whole family.

We boast 7500 acres of hunting across a diverse landscape easily accessed by foot, horse, or 4×4’s. Elevation ranges from 9,500 feet and 11,000 feet. Access to the hunting area includes vouchers and is entirely self guided.

A refreshing take on a venue for your next event. Our beautiful and picturesque mountain lake is perfect for your next private occasion. We offer horseback riding, hiking, and activities for the whole family as part of your event booking. 

Our natural amphitheater offers some of the best and safest long range shooting you can find in the area. You can experiment with challenges such as elevation, wind change, and other natural hazards to perfect your shooting skills with a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Explore some of our favorite memories from guests’ time exploring the hunting, shooting, fishing, hiking, and more at our glorious mountain retreat. Maybe your memories can become part of our photo gallery!

We boast some of the best grass fed beef thanks to our private livestock. All our beef is completely grass fed, free of antibiotics and hormones, and given a wide range to roam. The result is some of the best beef in Colorado.