FAQ for Private Fishing in Colorado

FAQ for Private Fishing in Colorado

Of the many fun activities you can find in Colorado, fishing is one of the most popular. From family events to solitary enjoyment, it’s a versatile hobby that many find relaxing and exciting. Colorado especially is known for it’s great fishing locations, with amazing lakes and ponds to cast your line into and get a successful bite. In fact, it’s a popular tourist activity, too!

Fun Facts About Fishing In Colorado

Due to the ideal location for fishing and the great amounts of aquatic life in the fishing lakes and ponds, there is a good deal of competition to be had out in Colorado with a tackle box and line. In public streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds, you may be hard-pressed to find a good bite if many other fishmen and casual fans have come to the same spot. Most public fishing holes aren’t replenished frequently either, so it may take some time to hunt out the best spot for you.

There are over 35 native species of fish that can be caught in Colorado waters. April 1 through March 31, you can register for a valid, active fishing license to start your journey to catch all the fish in Colorado waters.

The biggest question most fisherman face is this; where to go for the best bite?

First, decide if you’re planning to tackle private or public fishing spots.

Do I Need A Fishing License At Private Lakes?

Though you do need a license to cast your line anywhere in Colorado, sometimes special permission from the fishing lake owner’s will do the trick. It’s important to make sure all of your licensing information is up to date, and you’ve gotten express permission from private landowners to be fishing in their waters.

Failing to ensure you have a proper license and/or express permission from the water’s landowners may result in a fine (usually $50 for a standard violation of the fishing law) and an inability to get a fishing license for a period of time.

Private VS Public Fishing

For the most part, private fishing offers many advantages to avid fans of the sport. If you’re interested in a Private Fishing Lake in Colorado, consider our great Flying Fish Lake at the Bar Star Ranch. There are many benefits that fishermen find when they choose a private location for their destination, be it competitive or for leisure.

There is much less competition for a bite with private streams and rivers and lakes. Instead, the fish are aggressive, frequently replenished, and left undisturbed for the most part until your bait comes along. Unlike public locations, where the pickings can be slim and you may sit for hours waiting for a bite while the fish are distracted by other lines and fishermen.

The intentional stocking efforts that are put into private lakes, including ours, means you have a higher chance of catching bigger or rare fish. Different species or colorings may be found more easily in private waters over public waters.