Can I Hunt on Private Land?

One of the most popular sports for wildlife enthusiasts is hunting, and the Colorado natural elements and landscape give a great backdrop and setting for hunters to enjoy. However with limited tags and licenses and competition for the best spots, you need a little bit of strategy to help you out.

Do I Need A Hunting License To Hunt On Private Land?

Any hunting that takes place in Colorado needs to be done with a proper license, on either public or private hunting land. You need to submit an application for your hunting license that includes information on the land you want to hunt on — however, some difficulties may arise at this part, especially if you’re not as educated as a seasoned hunter.

Your application for a hunting license needs to include the animal you will be hunting, the land unit you will be hunting on, payment for all fees involved, and express permission from the landowner if you’re hunting on private land.

Getting Permission To Hunt On Private Land

Permission for hunting on private lands doesn’t always come easily. While some owners will open their property up, it often comes with high fees and expensive payments required in order to get access granted. While private hunting is often considered a much more enjoyable experience, it can be a very costly option.

If you’re interested in finding private hunting land in Colorado to get a taste of something different when it comes to the sport, consider visiting Bar Star Ranch! With over 7,500 acres of private land used for hunting, you can get a brand-new experience that is even better than your public hunting trips.

With limited tags available for Elk, Antelope, and Deer, be sure to reserve your spot early and contact us to get the best available deals and bundles. Our hunters enjoy a variety of terrain types, challenges, and access to animals that fit many skill levels!

Private VS Public Land Hunting

Without considering some of the complications that come with getting permission granted to hunt on private land, there is a lot to be said about this option! It’s a bit more expensive, due to any special requests or requirements the landowners may have in order to grant permission for use, but if you can navigate these conditions, a whole new world is opened up to you.

Private land usually offers better choice animals, less competition, increased privacy, improved experiences when it comes to the actual land you’re exploring, and possibly more advantages. Usually these areas are well-kept and have a more genuine wilderness feel to it, with the lack of several hunters crowding up the foliage each season.

However, public hunting is considered the most popular option for Colorado hunters. You don’t need any special permission, so no extra fees, and you can find a lot more helpful information on public land for hunting than you can with private land. Bar Star Ranch’s Hunting Grounds provides an easy option for those wanting to experience a good middle ground between the two options!